Rafa Nasiri


Rafa studied painting in Iraq (Institute of Fine Arts — Baghdad 1956 —1959 ), Graphic art in China ( Central Academy of Fine Arts — Beijing 1959 —1963) and in Portugal (Grvaura —Lisbon 1967—1969). Between 1974 and 2001 he joined several professional Graphic studios in Salzburg, London, Assela, Baghdad and Amman.


He taught painting, graphic art and graphic design in Iraq, Jordan & Bahrain from 1964 to 2003 in addition to delivering many lectures on art in different Arab and world capitals. In 1997 he published a book entitled “Contemporary Graphic Art “.


Rafa has held a large number of individual exhibitions from 1963 to the present time in Hong Kong, Baghdad, Kuwait, Beirut, Casablanca, Paris, Beijing, Amman, Sharja, Manama, and Kampen (Germany). He took part in international exhibitions held in Germany, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Poland, England, Norway, India, Brazil, France, South Korea, Egypt and Switzerland from 1965 to 2003.


International prizes include Fredrickstad (Norway) 1978, Cagnes-sur-mer (France) 1977, Salzburg (Austria) 1974, and Baghdad (Iraq) 1986. Rafa took part as Jury member for international exhibitions in London 1980, Berlin 1987, Paris 1982, Fredrickstad 1995, and Cairo 1997. He issued several art portfolios in London, Baghdad and Amman. Some of his art works are owned by Arab and international museums and establishments.


He is now a full time artist residing in Amman Jordan.