Adib Fattal



Adib Fattal was born in 1962 in Washington D.C. As the son of a diplomat, Adib spent most of his life in Europe, the United States and the Middle East.  He graduated with a B.B.A. in International Marketing from the City University of New York.  Having spent some years in the field of business and banking, Adib decided to abandon it and dedicate himself to his original love: graphic art.


Adib may not belong to any particular school as his style is a combination of primitive art and fantasy. Some paintings look like miniatures in Persian art, others recall Palestinian embroidery or mosaics in a Mosque or Church. Working in felt marker, Adib's creations are fanciful collections of daily activities illustrated in a na´ve style, set two dimensionally against a majestic and well known building. Reference to the everyday is juxtaposed with the grandeur of Arabic architecture, from Turkey, Pakistan and Palestine. The works come to life through the vibrancy of the colours and the stories represented are reminiscent of the style of hieroglyphics of the Egyptian civilization.


To date, Adib Fattal has exhibited in the Arab World, Pakistan and in the West. Some exhibitions are:


Joint exhibition sponsored by Shell Company at Maktab Anbar, Damascus, May 2001

Solo exhibition at the Ishtar Gallery, Damascus, December 2002

Solo exhibition at the American University of Cairo on the occasion of "The Year of Palestine," April 2003

Solo exhibition at the Nassir Shawra Gallery, Damascus, June 2004

Solo exhibition at the Orex Expo in Montreal, Canada, in July-August 2004;

Solo exhibition at the Safrkhan Gallery in Zamalek, Cairo, in April 2005;

Solo exhibition at the V.M. Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan, December 2006.