Alastair McNaughton


Alastair McNaughton was born in England in 1949. He graduated from art college with a BA in

Graphic Design & Photography. His love of travel and getting to know indigenous peoples culture has led him all over the world, photography being the perfect medium for his creativity.


He has immersed himself in the cultures of the Maasai in Tanzania, the Rabari of Gujerat, Sadhus in India, dancers in Cuba, monks in Burma and the Wongi Aboriginal community of Western Australia, where he spent 4 years.

He eats, lives and travels with the people he photographs - to capture the right image, he believes, it's necessary to understand how people live, the problems that beset them, and their own picture of the world
. As Alastair himself says, "Once you understand someone's humour and can relate to them, they accept you and tend to forget that you're pointing a camera lens at them".



Royalties from his Australian Aboriginal Images series of postcards, art prints and bookmarks are paid to the Aboriginal Communities and Alastair maintains a close relationship with his friends there.


Some of his exhibitions and prizes include:

  • 1995 ~ National Portrait Gallery, London
  • 1996 ~ Perth Institute of Contemporary Art,
  • 1997 ~ Royal Photographic Society, UK
  • 2000 ~ UNESCO Award, Beijing, China
  • 2000 ~ Arts D'Australie Exhibition, Paris
  • 2002 ~ UNESCO (HIA) Beijing, China
    Body Adornment Photography Award
  • 2003 ~ Australian Commonwealth Broadcasting Assoc. Environment Award