Mona Saudi

Born in Amman, Jordan, 1945, Mona Saudi currently lives in Beirut. She studied sculpture at the ENSBA in Paris and her artwork has been featured in solo and collective exhibitions in the Arab world, Europe, USA and Asia. 

Mona Saudi is best well known for her large scale sculptures exploring themes such as the earth, creation and growth. She created her first sculpture in stone in 1965 and since then her creation of forms never ceased. Her sculptures are found in private collections worldwide, and in museums in Paris, Amman, Washington D.C and Beirut.  

Her ink drawings and prints are oriented towards sculptural forms, the search for the serene and perfect form. She integrates her passion for poetry into all her work, occasionally using diluted coffee to represent the colour of the desert, to create beautifully independent works. The essence of her work is encapsulated in the Arabic word 'Takween' meaning both 'creation' and 'formation'.

Mona has recently published a book recording her life and philosophy as well as a detailed documentation of her work to date. 'Forty Years in Sculpture' is also available at Jacaranda Images.