Shereen Audi's latest solo exhibition showing at Zara Centre from 15 to 30 June 2009, reflects all that she loves in life. Her bright collages reveal her delight in her art and her femininity. Freedom, beauty, happiness and being carefree are the inspirations for this exhibition.  

Celebrity pictures, fairies, flowers and fashion collage take you into Shereen’s ethereal world where optimism, emotions and positive energy soar above the burdens of everyday life. Mixing tangible items such as fashion collage and photos with the intangible desire to fly, the work reflects the layers of her life and her development as an artist.


Shereen Audi's naïve style lends itself to where she now finds her art – a childlike wonder at how life can be seen simply if you look. There are no rules when Shereen paints, she has removed the black outlines of her previous work and adopted collage, keeping her trademark stripes in bold colour combinations and introducing metallic colours.


This body of work reflects Shereen's personal lyricism and spontaneity with a lack of complications. It is the work of an independent, modern woman who is confident to express freedom of ideas.


An enchanting and spirited exhibition to defy today’s often cheerless times. 


"As we grow older life becomes more and more difficult ... understanding people and things makes us wonder how life changes and gets more complicated throughout time. Difficulty not only stresses and scares you but various commitments and obligations do as well In the middle of all this I found out something that wasn't that hard and complicated or scary… its children and their world. I found out a child's world is so simple and full of beautiful colors and so peaceful ... from here I tried to connect my art to a child's world with its simplicity and beauty. I want my art to be less complicated. Using my brush and my color on canvas, thinking freely and simply of a painting gives me a relief from life's daily burdens and difficulties. I do art because it's a world of its own and it takes us away from everything boring, tiring and painful.  It frees you from your commitments and stresses ….. I just love it!!!"   - Shereen Audi



Shereen Audi

Jordanian artist, Shereen Audi, born in Amman 1970, began her career in 1992. She joined several courses under the supervision of different art experts from Jordan and abroad.

Shereen has had 6 solo exhibitions and participated in over 40 group exhibitions in & outside Jordan.

Solo Exhibitions:
2005 Zara Gallery, Amman

2002 Blue Fig Café, Amman 

2000 Blue Fig Café, Amman

1999The French Cultural Center,  Amman

1996 Jordanian Plastic Artists Association, Amman

1995 Rawaq Al Balqa Art Gallery, Amman


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